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Custer County Levy Rates

District Code School District Levy Rate
I-5 Arapaho 88.70
I-5B Butler 91.84
I-99 Clinton 93.51
I-7C Custer 80.42
I-7T Thomas 80.42
I-26 Weatherford 95.13
I-5R Arapaho School District 88.70
I-7R TFC School District 80.42
I-26R Weatherford School District 95.13
I-5RB Butler School District 91.84
I-99R Clinton School District 93.51
JI-1 Hydro-Eakley (Caddo) 105.70
JI-3 Leedy (Roger Mills) 77.06
JI-6 Elk City (Beckham) 91.56
JI-11 Canute (Washita) 85.95
JI-66 Hammon (Roger Mills) 81.50